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Digital Health Solutions

We are passionate about building software solutions in patient safety, telehealth, and virtual care to minimise the cognitive burden on clinicians and contribute to better patient outcomes.

Acadiant’s secure, interoperable software solutions help scale NHS and other healthcare systems 
with intuitive interfaces, a “golden thread” of relevant data, and selective use of AI algorithms. We provide real-time data analytics for key metrics to identify trends and outliers for insights and improved health outcomes.

Acadiant Products

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Why Acadiant?

We're passionate about improving patient outcomes and the healthcare landscape. Our solutions make it quicker and easier to gather data, provide real-time analytics, and support delivery of virtual patient care to help scale hospital, GP and community resources.


Easy to use on any device

Clinicians and patients can use Acadiant's intuitive solutions on any device and operating system, with little or no training.

Increased efficiency

Acadiant solutions enable more efficient data capture and provide better in-depth analysis than paper or spreadsheets, giving clinicians more time to focus on patient care.

Better analysis and insights​


Powerful data analytics highlight trends, themes and outliers for actionable insights, and to help forecast and plan for patient population health.

The Acadiant Platform

To learn more about the Acadiant platform visit

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