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Acadiant are passionate about improving the healthcare landscape and patient care through software-enabled solutions.

We work closely with healthcare professionals to understand their operational and regulatory challenges, and build secure, compliant, easy-to-use solutions to address them.

Our solutions:


Enable better allocation of hospital resources to save time and cost, and to improve patient care


Minimise the cognitive burden on doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators


Interoperate and integrate with patient record and other systems


Provide a full, immutable audit trail

Latest News

Acadiant Expands Maternity Direct Throughout Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust—Coverage in the Essex Echo

Maternity Direct App to be Rolled out to Women Due to Give Birth in Southend and Basildon

By Poppie Webster, Reporter

A groundbreaking maternity app which allows pregnant woman to instantly message and get advice from midwives, is being rolled out at Southend Hospital.

The app, called Maternity Direct, will provide mums-to-be who are booked to give birth at Basildon, Southend and Mid Essex hospitals with seven-day-a-week access to registered midwifery staff, who they can chat with and receive up-to-date information in the very comfort of their homes.

With the app, those expecting will have access to such vital help even through the Covid-19 pandemic, without the need of an appointment or a telephone call.

This useful tool was launched to help reduce the number of non-urgent appointments, saving women time while protecting appointments for those women who require closer monitoring.

Teams from Basildon Hospital partnered with software developer Acadiant Limited to create the app, which is now being rolled out at Southend and Mid Essex hospitals this week"... read more

SMART Mortality Analysis Software Awarded Poster Display at the International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare

SMART, Acadiant’s comprehensive mortality analysis software, developed with Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, has been awarded a poster display at the prestigious International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare which had been scheduled to take place in Copenhagen on 28-30 April 2020... read more

Acadiant Featured in SEHTA Catalogue of Companies Offering Innovative COVID-19 Solutions for the NHS

South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA) has chosen Acadiant Limited in the Digital Health Tech category among its MedTech SMEs Catalogue of Companies offering solutions for Covid-19 for the NHS... read more

Acadiant solutions


Structured Mortality Analysis & Review Tool


Developed in partnership with three NHS Trusts to meet National Guidance on Learning from Deaths


Interoperates with the patient record to pre-populate forms and reveal trends


Provides real-time tracking for mortality leads


SMART has been awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud 11 framework, facilitating faster, easier, compliant public sector procurement

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Maternity Direct

Telemedicine app connecting pregnant women to midwives


Developed with an NHS Trust to enable pregnant women to text non-urgent issues to a midwife


Designed to reduce unnecessary A&E and GP visits by answering simpler queries by chat


Stores text chats in the hospital patient record for future reference


Maternity Direct has been awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud 11 framework, facilitating faster, easier, compliant public sector procurement

Custom solutions

Solutions that meet your organisation’s needs


Built on an innovative, web-scalable platform, and deployed in the cloud or on premise


Interoperate and integrate with your existing systems


Comply with regulations, FHIR (HL7) standards, and your own policies

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Digital technology will provide convenient ways for patients to access advice and care. For patients and staff the starting point is interoperability of data and systems…

NHS Long Term Plan, January 2019

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