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Clinical Harm, Audit, Review & Monitoring

CHARM—Clinical Harm, Audit, Review & Monitoring helps clinicians to efficiently conduct harm reviews and panel records to determine whether cancer patients suffered harm due to treatment delays. CHARM helps hospitals reduce the harm review backlog and improve patient care by systematically presenting all relevant information at all stages of the review process to support learning and quality improvement.

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CHARM minimises the cognitive burden on clinicians and cuts the time clinicians spend on harm reviews by 60%–90%

Advantages of CHARM

Efficient and Streamlined Review Process: CHARM streamlines the review process by utilising the 62+breach form as a central hub for capturing patient demographics and conducting each stage of the harm review and RCA (Root Cause Analysis). Clinicians can easily track progress and ensure all necessary steps are completed using the intuitive Status Board and dashboards. This comprehensive approach enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the review process.

Status Board to Track Progress and Fiindings: CHARM's Status Board consolidates key dates, harm assessments, incident grades, and learnings into a single, accessible view. This feature allows medical leaders to gain instant insights into the current status of each case, supporting informed decision-making and facilitating proactive quality improvement efforts.


The Status Board is part of CHARM’s comprehensive suite of administrative tools for tracking every phase of the harm review process. Please note all data is synthetic.

Panel Record Access to Relevant Information: The Panel Record within CHARM allows clinicians to access all previously input case information in a read-only format during panel discussions. This ensures that all necessary details are readily available, and clinicians can analyse the provided information and record their findings directly within CHARM, facilitating a thorough evaluation of treatment delays and their impact on patients.

Insightful Dashboards for Enhanced Collaboration: CHARM offers a suite of intuitive dashboards designed to support consultants, nurses, and administrators throughout the review process. Dashboards provide clear overviews of ongoing reviews, ensuring transparency and facilitating collaboration among the cancer harm review team. From tracking reviews awaiting completion to identifying cases ready for panel discussion, CHARM's dashboards enable efficient case management and planning.

Panel Record Form with Learnings and Actions. Please note all data is synthetic.

Enhancing Patient Care through Thorough Reviews and Data Analytics: The core focus of CHARM is to evaluate whether delays in cancer treatment have caused harm to patients: physical, psychological or both. By providing clinicians with the necessary tools and comprehensive dashboards, CHARM supports the review process and ensures a thorough assessment. The software enables healthcare professionals to identify instances of harm, document findings, and drive quality improvement efforts to enhance patient care. By leveraging CHARM's functionalities, NHS hospitals can enhance patient care, identify areas for improvement, and drive positive change in cancer-related harm incidents.

CHARM uses AI algorithms to mimic a hospital’s internal processes to identify and correct data discrepancies.

CHARM Benefits

Up to 90% clinician time saved on harm reviews

Accelerated reduction in harm review backlogs

Easier, faster review process compared with typical spreadsheet- or paper-based processes

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