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Research and Project Management: managing multi-site project data

If your enterprise runs projects with contributors at different sites, how can you collect the data efficiently, use it effectively, and ensure sensitive information is properly protected?

Acadiant developed the Project Portfolio Manager to capture, collect and organize data; to de-identify it as required; and to provide role-based access control.

Large batches of data, such as clinical lab results and diagnostic images, can also be uploaded efficiently.

How is sensitive data protected?

Access to applications and data is restricted using role-based access control — a foundation of the Acadiant platform.
Security and auditing features protect data and comply with legal and institutional requirements.
Data is de-identified as required.

The result?

Authorized users can organize, analyze and report on project data using Acadiant's Project Portfolio Manager's rich graphic reporting capabilities.

They can also extract data from the platform according to their role-based access level and use it to carry out critical research.

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