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Structured Mortality Analysis & Review Tool

SMART is a cutting-edge mortality analysis tool designed to assist hospitals in meeting the Learning from Deaths initiative and improving patient outcomes.

Harness the power of SMART's real-time analytics for in-depth insights into hospital mortality. Offering customised forms and analytic capabilities, SMART paves the way for a nuanced understanding of mortality indicators and outliers. It supports quality improvement, patient safety, and efficient clinician reviews. While tailor-made for UK Trusts in line with NHS guidelines, SMART also aligns with the objectives of international hospitals.


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Key Benefits of SMART:

  • 50% reduction in consultant time spent on mortality reviews

  • Comprehensive toolkit: Executive dashboards, real-time data analytics, mortality review forms, and admin tools

  • In-depth insights into mortality trends

  • Streamlined reporting of care scores and easier identification of themes for focus and action

  • Enhanced confidence in the mortality review process, potentially reducing coroner referrals

  • Full, immutable audit trail ensuring data integrity

  • Interoperability with existing systems; no extra logins required for authorised users


Learning from Deaths Executive Dashboard with real-time analytics. Please note all data is synthetic.

Optimising Mortality Reviews

SMART helps hospitals improve mortality analyses from independent Medical Examiner Scrutinies to Structured Judgement Reviews, through to specialist mortality review forms including:

  • Mortality & Morbidity (M&M) Meeting Reviews, incorporating all relevant data and links

  • Specific mortality reviews such as Sepsis, Emergency Department, and Mortality Review Level 2 and dedicated status boards

  • Learning Disability Review for patients with learning disabilities, autism, or dementia for faster learnings than the LeDeR process

  • Bereavement and Medical Examiner Officer modules

Designed to minimise the cognitive burden on consultants, SMART halves the time clinicians spend on reviews compared to standard methods, enabling them to focus on meaningful mortality reviews. SMART supports the National Medical Examiner system by helping to provide independent scrutiny of deaths.

With SMART, hospitals may see a reduction in referrals to the coroner, given the increased confidence in the mortality review process. The efficient process means bereaved families can collect the body of their loved ones sooner.

"The speed in which Acadiant can implement upgrades to SMART is remarkable, allowing our projects to move along at the speed which was required to see the improvement in performance. It is my opinion that without this wonderful partnership, we would not have seen the same success for our mortality projects."


– Head of Nursing — Quality and Mortality, UK NHS Trust

In addition to comprehensive review forms, SMART offers:

  • Real-Time Data Analytics with executive overviews

  • Administrative tools for real-time tracking of cases, actions, and insight

  • My SMART for consultants to track completed and pending cases and for revalidation

  • My SMART Administrators View to track and compare activity

  • Bereavement and Medical Examiner Officer Modules


Structured Judgement Review form pre-populated with patient data. All data is synthetic.

Central Data Management

SMART integrates with a Trust’s EPR, to pre-populate mortality forms with patient demographics and relevant coded information. It maintains a “golden thread” of information that weaves through every stage of the mortality review process and ensures institutional knowledge is kept in house.

SMART stores all data in the Trust and maintains a full, immutable, time-stamped audit trail that records all activity across mortality reviews and panels. The hospital retains ownership of its SMART data, which can be downloaded in a variety of formats to populate templated board reports


Status Board for Mortality Leads to track case activity and results. All data is synthetic.

Immediate Access to Learnings and Insights

SMART’s interactive dashboards facilitate insightful discussions during mortality review meetings. They provide a snapshot of crucial metrics, key learnings, and actionable insights by any date range, with key learnings and comments at every stage of care, in SPC and stacked bar charts.  Furthermore, Trusts get a clearer picture of factors influencing the Summary Hospital-level Mortality Indicator (SHMI) score and point to opportunities for Quality Improvement.


Care scores and comments by phase of care with links to individual cases. All data is synthetic.

Universal Accessibility


SMART's user-friendly interface ensures smooth navigation across any device or operating system, with little or no user training needed. Integration with the hospital's current systems eliminates the need for additional logins for authorised personnel.

Find Out More


Contact us for more information or to book a SMART demo:
Find SMART on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace for easy, compliant procurement by NHS Trusts.

See SMART in the Department for Business and Trade’s Digital Health Playbook 2023 edition.

The UK's Department for Business and Trade hailed SMART as “the most comprehensive mortality analysis tool in the NHS" in its Digital Health Playbook.

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