Structured Mortality Analysis & Review Tool

SMART is a comprehensive mortality analysis suite. As well as helping NHS Trusts meet requirements for learning from deaths, SMART supports mortality and clinical leads in identifying cases of poor care to help drive improvement in quality and patient safety.

Acadiant developed SMART in partnership with Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Mid-Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust, and Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Designed for the NHS, in partnership with the NHS

SMART was built together with the clinical leadership at three NHS Trusts to enhance the mortality review process and improve patient care.

SMART interoperates with a Trust’s electronic patient record to pre-populate forms with patient demographics and relevant coded information. Authorised users don't need additional logins to use SMART: the software integrates, interoperates, and conforms with a hospital’s current systems.

This enables mortality reviewers to spend their time focused on meaningful mortality reviews. Mortality leads can access reviews in real time and the themes that emerge can help focus on areas for improvement in quality and patient safety.

SMART supplies as much relevant information as needed, and provides simple, intuitive forms, making it easier to use than standard manual or spreadsheet processes. In addition, it's secure, enables safe sharing, and has a full, immutable audit trail.

As with all Acadiant software, the hospital retains ownership of its data, which can be downloaded as .csv, .pdf, .xlsx, or any preferred format, and used to populate templated board reports.

SMART can be delivered from the cloud on the N3 / HSCN spine or as an on-premise solution.

SMART has been awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud 13 framework, facilitating faster, easier, compliant public sector procurement.

SMART benefits

Trusts using SMART benefit from:


Significant savings of senior consultant time compared with standard review processes, enabling them to focus on meaningful mortality reviews


Pre-populated forms with relevant, coded patient information from the electronic patient record


A ‘golden thread’ of information that weaves through every stage of the mortality review


Simplified reporting of care scores and easier identification of themes for focus and action


A full, immutable, time-stamped audit trail on a secure platform

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Maintaining institutional knowledge

Medical Examiner‘s comments and mortality reviewer’s insights are automatically carried through from one phase of review and to the next, retaining institutional knowledge through all stages of the analysis process.

Easy visibility of trends

SMART provides trend data from the electronic patient record that might otherwise be missed by the human eye — including deaths by day, time, ward, directorate, specialty, or consultant — to indicate outliers for potential further investigation.

SMART provides trend data from the electronic patient record for any period and parameter

Real-time activity tracking

SMART provides real-time dashboards to enable mortality leads and administrators to track activity, scores, and comments.

SMART’s real-time dashboard shows mortality leads and administrators exactly where each case is and the outcomes

Dashboards and reporting

SMART provides dashboards and reporting for use in board decks and mortality meetings so teams can grasp trends at a glance and drill down for further information.

SMART also provides individual dashboards for consultants’ reflection and revalidation.

Medical Examiner Dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of completed scrutinies, including conversations with next of kin, and cases recommended for further review

The SMART menu


Status Board


Status Board (download only)


Mortality Statistics from the Electronic Patient Record


Medical Examiner’s Advice and Scrutiny Form ME-1 (Part A)


Medical Examiner’s Advice and Scrutiny Form ME-1 (Part B)


Medical Examiner Dashboard


Referral to the Coroner Form


Mortality Review


Second Stage Panel Mortality Review


Mortality Review Dashboard


My Scrutinies and Reviews


Sepsis Mortality Review


Emergency Department Review


Learning Disability Mortality Review

All data shown is synthetic, all NHS numbers are invalid, all names are randomly generated.

Learning from deaths of people in their care can help providers improve the quality of the care they provide to patients and their families, and identify where they could do more.

Learning from deaths in the NHS, 2017

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